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Do you have the book and need extra templates working in the book. They are all listed here.

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here are your montly downloads!

talk about feelings with


With the FACE IT game you can play a fun game to learn how to express and talk about your feelings. Try it, it is fun and easy! Download the game here.

in lockdown? 

STAY AT HOME Workbook!

A printable with 15 pages of fun activities to entertain your children, and make them enjoy and build resilience during this stay at home period.

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share your favorite destinations 

This interview game is about "dream destinations". Interview your family and friends and find out what is their favorite place to live? It may lead to memorable, untold and funny stories.  Download the free templates here.

be grateful and happy within  with THE GRATITUDE Game

With this fun gratitude game you can play a fun game to learn how to be grateful. We have an extra daily routine game available if you subscribe to our newsletter. Download this free template here.

settle in more quickly with THE NEIGHBORHOOD BINGO

Have fun (re)discovering your neighborhood with this free to color bingo card. Download your card here.

If you want to receive more bingo cards than you can download them here.

explore and be creative with THE COLOR WALK

A fun and creative game to play outdoor. 

You and your kid will look at the surroundings differently. All you need is an egg box and paint or markers. And Go!

Download the color walk tips here.

new house?


A fun game to play indoor or outdoor. Click on the image for tips. 

You will need a camera to play this game. 

missing friends?

Stay in TOUCH !

Print, color and post this lovely free color page. Click on the image to download our freebie.  Do want to send postcards in a DIY envelope to your friends and family?  Subscribe here.

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