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 frequently asked questions 

Do you ship worldwide?

Our mission is to reach out to all kids that are moving. So yes, we do ship wordwide. allthough some places might be harder to ship our products, and especially during this Covid-19 period. Let us know if you have any questions for your shipping address at

Where can I buy the workbook, stickers and postcards?

You can buy the book in our webshop and via Amazon (for U.S. customers, see shop link on the website). 3 Postcards and over 250 stickers are included in the book. You can also buy these items seperately in our webshop.

What does the book look like?

The workbook will be size A4 (8.5x11") and has a hardcover. Full color, high quality paper and easy to work in due to special binding (flat laying). You can take a peek at: