me and My new language

Me and My New Language workbook is a creative tool designed for kids to enjoy learning a NEW LANGUAGE.

For this great tool we teamed up with Language Consultant and children's teacher Flor Bréton-Garcia and created this fun mini workbook. With the help of teachers and translators around the world it is now available in many different languages.


Scroll down to download the book and step into the world of  Big Language Learners! This workbook will accompany kids through the adventure of learning a new language in a fun way. Enjoy!


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make learning a new language fun and connect with the world! 
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Flor Bréton-Garcia is a Language and Inclusion Consultant and founder of Little Nómadas, a platform for multicultural families to connect through language learning and diversity awareness.

"I believe that through language we create bridges that allow our kids to grow aware of cultural differences and commonalities". 

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"My son loves your book! It is such a playfull way to learn something new. Thank you for creating this. I can highly recommend it to every parent who wants their kids to engage in learning a new language." 

Mom (36) of 2.

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