about Me and My BIg Move 

Me and My Big Move is designed to empower kids for their Big Move. 

Together with experts, we provide worksheets, activities, downloads and tips to help creating a positive mindset and build resilience for this life changing event: A Big Move!

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to help kids settle in

WHY? to involve your kids and empower them!


The challenges of a Big Move

Planning a Big Move can be exciting, but also an emotional rollercoaster. Especially when you are planning to relocate with your children. You want them to settle in quickly and live a fulfilling life. But you may worry about how the children will cope with such a life-changing event. And when you are busy making all of the preparations, it is a challenge to involve them in the process.


An upfront approach

Experts state that it is fundamental to make children feel part of their big move. They recommend an upfront approach, starting months before the departure.That’s great in theory, but how do you involve and mentally prepare your kids for a big move, without being too heavy about the topic?


With the help of experts, teachers, and children, we have created ACTIVITIES, WORKSHEETS and a WORKBOOK to help you exactly with that!


Me and My Big Move helps your child:


         Feel more in control,


​               Build resilience,

         Cope with change in a fun way.


And it helps you as a parent:


         Involve your child in the process,

         Talk to your child and stay connected,

         Make settling in easier and enjoyable.


created for kids and parents

"And all of that by doing it in a fun and interactive way.

This workbook is designed to give your family a head start on your adventure!"

Enjoy the ride!