Me and My Big Move is designed to empower children for their big move.

 Our worksheets, activities, downloads and tips help creating a positive mindset and build resilience for this life changing event:

A Big Move!

What is Me and My BIg Move about?

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Explore your new world.
Let your feelings guide you. 
Create your own story.

The challenges of a move

Planning a big move can be exciting, but also an emotional rollercoaster. Especially when you are planning to relocate with your children. You want them to settle in quickly and live a fulfilling life. But you may worry about how the children will cope with such a life-changing event. And when you are busy making all of the preparations, it is a challenge to involve them in the process.


An upfront approach

Experts state that it is fundamental to make children feel part of their big move. They recommend an upfront approach, starting months before the departure.That’s great in theory, but how do you involve and mentally prepare your kids for a big move, without being too heavy about the topic? With the help of experts, teachers and children, we are creating a fun workbook to help parents exactly with that! Covering every phase of relocating.

Me and My Big Move helps your child:


             Feel more in control,


​                     Build resilience,

             Cope with change in a fun way.


And it helps you as a parent:


             Involve your child in the process,

             Talk to your child and stay connected,

             Make settling in easier and enjoyable.


And all of that by doing it in a fun and interactive way. This workbook is designed to give your family a head start on your adventure!


It all started when Marloes (39, mom of 2) experienced the impact of a life changing event on her child. “It was when my daughter was having a hard time going to a new school and I struggled with talking to her about it. It was a hard period. But once I discovered the power of drawing, exploring and playing together I was finally able to help her regulate her emotions and ultimately feel more in control." (read blog)


Moving to Taiwan

So when we, as a family, decided to move from the Netherlands to Taipei I wanted to prepare my children for this event. I searched for books about moving, collected all the good ideas that other families gave to me and then started to create templates which where applicable at that stage of the move.

Creating the workbook

I noticed again that the templates helped the conversation with my children and where a fun way for them to “work on the move” as well. It is like journaling, but then easier for children.” I shared the idea of a special big move workbook with Lonneke (38, Dutch mom moved to Seattle) and we started creating and testing it with our friends). We were overwhelmed with interest by parents so we decided to give every child and parent the opportunity to stay connected to their child trough life changing events and to make a memorable workbook together.

Together with experts

We loved our journey of creating this amazing workbook together with teachers, psychologists and experienced moms. We hope this book can make a huge different for your child as it did for us! We are passionate about providing people simple tools and techniques to build a resilience and strong settlement. We found out that by drawing the conversation with children was much more effective than just talking.

HOw we started to explore!



Me and My Big Move covers every phase of relocating, from preparing yourself before you leave, to exploring your new place and eventually journaling your trips and visits after you are settled in. While settling in children can experience the most difficulties and changes of emotions. Every child reacts different to change, but the sudden absence of close friends and family members, combined with a new environment and new experiences every day can be disorienting. 

By drawing, reading, talking and writing in this workbook your child will be able to regulate their emotions, create an open mind-set for new experiences and have fun making new friends.


What is inside?


To help children and their families to settle in and enjoy their big move.

The book includes:

  • tons of activities

  • stickers & postcards

  • mindfulness

  • exploring

  • stimulates conversation

  • all stages of a relocation

  • best enjoyed by age 5+

  • and more..see here

Events and activities
book is coming SOON! SEPTEMBER 2020

Thanks to you! Our Kickstarter campaign was a great success with a 128% funding. Now we are able to print the book and sell it worldwide to all our little movers. We are so happy to tell you that in September 2020 we expect to sell the book online. We will keep you updated!

Launch kickstarter | LIVE NOW!

We are proud to tell you that we launched the workbook 1st of June on Kickstarter. This means you can already buy the book. First hand, first copy!

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